Friendly Match vs I Don't Like Cricket Club, Sat 24th August 2019, Victoria Park

Ear Ear (ouch)

London Fields (171 all out) lost to I Don't Like Cricket Club

by Troy, I think

LFCC met IDLC at Viccy park for a friendly.

It was very hot. Jason came to umpire (and then be a concussion sub - more later).

They had an ex-grade cricketer from Aus and an ex-Western Provinces bowler from South Africa. They both had an impact.

We welcomed ringers Sam Fawcett and PA's mate, Deano.

We batted first and found it hard to score.

Alex T made 24. Deano made 20. Deano got a couple of Archer-like bumpers from the Saffa.

Tom Hughes came and went at 3 - smoking a trademark cover drive off his first ball.

PA putted along to 13.

Sam Thornton made a very composed 45 - including several great punches off the back foot.

Vidal blistered a rapid 23 including a monster 6 over midwicket.

The remaining batsman failed to get into double figures and we left a couple of unused overs on the field.


Aussie grade man opened the second innings by pulling the first ball for four, all along the ground, in front of square. Oh dear. A couple of overs later he smashed a straight drive back at bowler, Sam Fawcett. Sam only just had time to turn his head and took the ball flush on the ear. His ear buffered a direct blow to the skull but in the process his ear basically exploded. It was a very concerning scene.

As luck would have it, a paramedic was passing on his way from another incident and intervened to reassure us that Sam was not immediately concussed but certainly needed to go to A and E. He sent some picks of his bandaged head and when we followed up the next day he reported good health if a bit sore.

Aussie Grade man went onto 50 then retired.

Jason swapped the umpiring counters for the LFB top and came on to sub field - which included a direct hit on the stumps. Unfortunately the player was home.

Oli got a wicket first over and generally bowled well.

Troy got a wicket first ball.

Vidal sent it down at a lick and with swing but no luck on the wickets.

Spin bandits Rupert and Dazza bowled some crackers, with Rupert tying several batsman up in knots - including a tidy slips catch by your faithful correspondent.

They made the runs with a few overs to spare.

They were a good bunch of lads and we will definitely look to play them again. They did say that this was the strongest team they had used all year. Oh well.

Quite a lot of beers were drunk in the lovely quiet and cool of Well Street Common.

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Alex Turner CaughtUnknown24
2Deano  CaughtUnknown20
3Tom Hughes CaughtUnknown3
4Paul Alexander CaughtUnknown13
5Sam Thornton CaughtUnknown45
6Vidal Bharath CaughtUnknown23
7Troy Utz CaughtUnknown6
8Sam Fawcett CaughtUnknown4
9Oli Turner BowledUnknown0
10Rupert Ekblom NotOut1
11Darrin Lewis CaughtUnknown0
    Total 171 all out

I Don't Like Cricket Club Bowling

No Details

I Don't Like Cricket Club Batting

172 for 4 in 31.4 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Sam Fawcett20140-
2Oli Turner5.4034134.00
3Troy Utz6028128.00
4Vidal Bharath40200-
5Rupert Ekblom7234217.00
6Darrin Lewis70350-

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