Friendly Match vs Twigworth Travellers, Sun 18th August 2019, London Fields

London Fields Lose To Twigworth Travellers

by Troy/Ruby

The big hitting Kiwi-Anglo guns of Twigworth Travellers put on 220 in 34 overs. Chris Murphy bowled the best this correspondent has ever seen him with pace, accuracy and movement – very unlucky not to get at least a couple; Troy took the middle stump of their dangerous opener who pumped a hundred last time; Ducky clean bowled two danger men with bona fide beauties, and Herschel leapt like a salmon to take a blinder under the trees.

We struggled in the chase with only PA and Vidal breaking double figures. Both delighted with some massive blows: Vidal hooking one over the trees on his way to 23 and PA showcasing his class to his fellow compatriots, launching them countless times over extra cover including a massive six on his way to 76. Ruby was middling everything before he unluckily lasered one straight to silly cover, the ball never getting more than an inch off the ground (sharp catch). We ended 100 short.

Twigworth Travellers Batting

220 for 7 in 34 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Chris Murphy60340-
2Vidal Bharath50350-
3Herschel Pant40210-
4Troy Utz7122211.00
5Darrin Lewis7051317.00
6Stuart Bell5047223.50

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Paul Alexander BowledRob76
2Paul Teasdale CaughtO'Connell0
3Oli Turner CaughtAtkins0
4Ruby Quince CaughtO'Connell2
5H Graham BowledAtkins6
6Herschel Pant BowledMichael0
7Vidal Bharath BowledMatt23
8Troy Utz CaughtRoland4
9Stuart Bell BowledJones1
10Chris Murphy NotOut0
11Darrin Lewis BowledRob0
    Total 121 all out

Twigworth Travellers Bowling

No Details

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