Friendly Match vs LMVCC, Sun 28th July 2019, London Fields

London Fields Fend Off Plucky Young Attack

by George Sargent

After Canary Wharf Royals dropped out, Ben kindly sorted LMVCC as their replacement for a match at The Fields on an initially overcast, but eventually sunny Sunday afternoon.

They were a group of under 15s (and their dads), fresh from a morning game.

Chris Murphy and Tom D opened the bowling, keeping the score very low in the opening overs,

Tom managed to bowl one of their openers out for one. In his second spell he doubled his wicket haul by again hitting the stumps, this time of their number eight for another single run. He went on to get figures of 2-7.

In his second spell Murphy bowled out their sticky number four, getting figures of 1-20.

Darrin and Carl partnered up in the first change to try and make some headway, with both taking wickets caught in the outfield.

Liam and Vince came on second change, with Liam having their number five caught for only seven.

Vince took two key wickets, bowling out their other opening batsman on 33 and their gun stand-and-deliver batsman Jonathan, who left the field after scoring 59.

After their 35 overs were complete - and good pizza had been consumed - LMVCC finished with a well-earned 179.

John and Kapila opened the batting for LFCC, with John hitting seven before being given out LBW.

Kapila held down an end well, hitting four fours on his way to 22 before chipping one to extra cover.

George came in at number three, hitting two fours for his 10 runs before being bowled.

It was time for James G and Sam to take a hold of the game with The Fields down to 39-3.

Sam hit four strong fours on his way to 20 runs before being caught.

Meanwhile James G pulled off some fine stroke-making, building a wagon wheel like a spider’s web as he hit balls into and over the trees, as well as across the ground towards the lido.

It looked like no one could steal his wicket, until LMVCC brought on one of the dads, whose brand of light touch spin bowling left him clean bowled.

A good 50 runs were still needed but with around 15 overs left, Tom D and Chris Murphy never looked phased.

Tom kept the scoreboard ticking with an impressive 21 not out - and Chris Murphy attacked, hitting seven fours to finish on 35 not out with seven overs remaining.

LMVCC Batting

179 for 7 in 35 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Chris Murphy7120120.00
2Tom Damant51723.50
3Darrin Lewis6024124.00
4Carl Death70640-
5Liam Pryle6026126.00
6Vincent Croft401829.00

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1John Manison LBWSamuel7
2Kapila Perera CaughtLeo22
3George Sargent BowledReuben10
4Sam Thornton CaughtHazza20
5James Gingall BowledMarksy42
6Tom Damant NotOut21
7Chris Murphy NotOut35
8Liam PryleDidNotBat-
9Vincent CroftDidNotBat-
10Carl DeathDidNotBat-
11Darrin LewisDidNotBat-
    Total 183 for 5

LMVCC Bowling

No Details

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