Friendly Match vs London Itinerants CC, Sun 2nd June 2019, London Fields

LFCC: 253 from 35 overs vs London Itinerants: 232 from 35 overs; LFCC won by 21 runs.

by Dhawal Sawant

Winning the toss was the preferred start for our Captain Carl; a bowler heavy side meant we wanted to defend. After a jittery start, that reminded a few of us of the day we managed only a paltry 50+, left us at two down for less than two on the board.

That’s when Troy and Chris decided to have some fun. A watchful Troy and a ruthless Chris added a handful. Chris falling two short of a well deserved 50 and Troy going on to a sublime 73 rescued the team before putting us on course for a competitive total. Ed, our ringer for the day (claims to not have played in 5 years) smoked his first runs through the covers for four and added an entertaining 12. A mini collapse after Troy’s wicket meant Carl, John T and Darrin had to negotiate the trickiest 5 or so overs which they did with aplomb and got us to 253 in 35.

The runs we put on the board were always going to be a steep challenge for the opposition. With Laurie steaming in from one end and Hugh with the ball movement, it was only a matter of time that things started getting even more difficult. Ed pulled off a peach just cms off the ground at second slip off Laurie to get things going for us. Darrin and Carl with their control tightened the screws a little further pushing the required rate to well above 10 per over. A return of Laurie and a two in two with near perfect Yorkers left the result in no doubt.

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Ben Sanders LBWHutchinson0
2Vidal Bharath CaughtHutchinson0
3Chris Rice CaughtHutchinson48
4Troy Utz BowledWilson73
5Dhawal Sawant CaughtWilson40
6Laurie Sayer CaughtJefferies2
7Ed Unknown 2019 BowledHutchinson12
8Hugh McNaughton BowledHutchinson8
9Jon Turnbull CaughtJefferies1
10Carl Death NotOut1
11David Lewis NotOut0
    Total 254 for 9

London Itinerants CC Bowling

No Details

London Itinerants CC Batting

No Details

London Fields Bowling

1Laurie Sayer703248.00
2Hugh McNaughton6039139.00
3Ben Sanders50250-
4Darrin Lewis50290-
5Carl Death5035135.00
6Dhawal Sawant4024124.00
7Jon Turnbull20230-
8Ed Unknown 201910120-

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