Friendly Match vs Mighty Wanderers, Sun 19th May 2019, Victoria Park

by new correspondent, Alex Day

Overcast skies greeted the teams for this friendly at Victoria Park, but Virgin had clearly not taken note of the fixture when scheduling the Hackney half marathon on the same day and road closures proved troublesome for some. When the Wanderers full contingent did finally arrive they realised they had 12, so the skipper promptly did the honourable thing of taking himself off to the nearest watering hole and let the others get on with it.

Chris Murphy made his debut as captain and, upon winning the toss, decided that although the wicket had a definite green tinge this was likely due to the fact it was made of concrete with a thin canvas carpet, so duly took the chance to have a bat.

And what a call that proved to be. Lucas and Herschel got Fields off to a flyer with timely cuts, pulls and drives. By the time Lucas eventually fell (26) trying to clear the infield we had already put on 40 off 6 overs.

Vijay came into bat at 3 and continued his fine early season form, putting on a monster 160 partnership with Herschel and retiring after making a fine untroubled century. Herschel came close to a maiden century but chased a wide one picking the only fielder in the deep to fall for 92.

Teasdale put on 8 off 12 balls before getting caught on the fine leg boundary going for the maximum. Paul Holden got 12 before Wayne, who proved a handy ringer confidently knocked the ball to all parts and was looking to settle in for the afternoon….the Fields lower order had other ideas and dutifully fell in quick succession for low single-digit scores. Muffi clearly hadn’t been listening when this plan was forged as he had already hit two boundaries by the time he got the memo and was bowled for 11. Wayne was left stranded on 27 off 15 balls as Fields posted a massive 321.

Tom bowled notably well as a fill-in for the visitors and accounted for 3 of the lower-order wickets.

After a quick break, Fields were out to defend the total and Muffi and Chris did just that when opening. After some economical bowling and good catching in the field Wanderers found themselves 17-3 off 10 when Chris (6-2) and Muffi (1-11) finished their spells. Charlie Sayer, filling in for the Wanderers, was trying to prove batting skill really does run in the family when he cut Murphy straight to a waiting Herschel at deep point for an 11 ball duck.

Alex and Darrin were on at 1st change and with some further tight bowling finished with 2 and 3 wickets apiece. Josh came on and took a wicket before the #5 Wanderer bat put up some resistance and reached 50 before Lucas caught him in front with a slower ball which was so plumb Charlie ultimately decided he had to put down his beer to raise his finger. The rest of the Wanderers fell cheaply, aided by some further fine catching, and posted a total of 112 for a 209-run defeat.

The game was played in good spirits throughout but a solid display with the bat and ball from Fields proved decisive.

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Lucas Evans CaughtChasie26
2Herschel Pant CaughtBrown92
3Vijay Shah NotOut102
4Paul Teasdale CaughtBrown8
5Paul Holden CaughtWinter12
6Wayne Unknown NotOut27
7Josh Bailey-Schindler BowledWinter1
8Alex Day Caught & BowledTom2
9Chris Murphy Caught & BowledChasie1
10Muffi  BowledTom11
11Darrin Lewis BowledTom0
    Total 321 for 9

Mighty Wanderers Bowling

No Details

Mighty Wanderers Batting

112 all out in 33.2 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Muffi 5111111.00
2Chris Murphy52623.00
3Alex Day841829.00
4Darrin Lewis6.202739.00
5Josh Bailey-Schindler6040140.00
6Lucas Evans30818.00

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