Friendly Match vs Homerton CC, Sun 12th May 2019, London Fields

London Fields (57 all out) lost to Homerton CC (60-7) by 3 wickets

by Upendra Singh Gusain

It looked like a beautiful day for cricket. We were sent in to bat by the opposition. Everything was moving at a leisurely pace when suddenly the wickets starting falling at regular intervals. Mr Brown from the opposition did the most damage taking the wickets of Robin, Dhawal and Chris M, all bowled out thanks in parts to the tricky/damp-ish wicket. Sadly there never was a resurrection after that and we could only muster 57 runs in total, with Ben S top scoring with his 14 as the opener.

With not much of a lunch in between, London Fields' bowling started with Muffi taking a wicket in his very first over. He and Upendra had a very potent spell together claiming 6 wickets between them. It looked at the time that anything could happen. Even though the good bowling continued with Alex and Tyrone, alas 57 were never going to be enough. Still a closely fought match.

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Leo Emmett BowledAdrian4
2Ben Sanders LBWBrown14
3Oren  CaughtArthur1
4Robin Friend BowledBrown12
5Dhawal Sawant BowledBrown2
6Chris Murphy BowledBrown0
7Muffi  LBWMark2
8Chris Rice BowledMark5
9Alex Day NotOut5
10Upendra Singh Gusain CaughtDavey2
11Ty Graham CaughtDavey0
    Total 57 all out

Homerton CC Bowling

No Details

Homerton CC Batting

60 for 7 in 15.4 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Upendra Singh Gusain712446.00
2Muffi 5120210.00
3Alex Day2.4090-
4Ty Graham10616.00

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