League Match vs The Camel CC, Sat 18th August 2018, London Fields

London fields (165 for 6) beat Camel (162 all out) by 4 wickets

by Ruby Quince

Camel won the loss and sent us to the fields. The recent rain made the strip spongy after weeks in the desert. This week we went back to umpiring ourselves.

Upendra kept Camel on their toes for with a tightfisted maximum spell including opening with 3 maidens and deserved wickets. Phil took the stumps of the opener for a duck to open our account. The new bat was taking no prisoners, quickly doubling their score until Troy got us over the hump with a direct hit. Ben’s typically classy spell kept the runs low, including taking their captain for a duck.

Vince was using some sort of voodoo to lure the Camel middle order into PA’s hands, with Paul taking two wonderful catches. The second, a reaching dive at full stretch, will be the stuff of LFCC folklore. Vince closed his account with 4 important wickets, and Troy & Phil cleared up the rest.

Facing a doable 162, Alex and Robin went to battle; Robin unlucky with an early LBW, followed by Adam out to a tricky ball from the very able openers. Alex & James steadily broke the camels back, getting us to half of the total at the break. Ruby joined the captain for the last stint as they reached the total with 10 overs to spare.

The Camel CC Batting

162 all out in 36 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Phil Clark7041220.50
2Upendra Singh Gusain83200-
3Troy Utz722036.67
4Ben Sanders8127127.00
5Vincent Croft6040410.00

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Robin Friend LBWKit2
2Alex Turner Caught & BowledFriday29
3Adam Graham BowledJohnny0
4James Gingall NotOut67
5Paul Alexander LBWKit0
6Ruby Quince NotOut36
7Troy UtzDidNotBat-
8Upendra Singh GusainDidNotBat-
9Phil ClarkDidNotBat-
10Ben SandersDidNotBat-
11Vincent CroftDidNotBat-
    Total 165 for 4

The Camel CC Bowling

No Details

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