Friendly Match vs Cambridge To Casablanca Cycling Cricket Club, Sat 29th September 2018, London Fields

Squished By Peloton

London Fields (238 for 7) lost to Cambridge to Casablanca Cycling Cricket Club (365 for 5) by lots

by Paul "PA" Alexander

The pitch and short outfield were well prepared, with the pitch in particular, playing true and consistently throughout the match.

CCCCC batted first, and their opening partnership looked technically very solid; they began to score with urgency. After this concerning run rate increase early on, Hugh managed to snaffle a wicket to break the opening stand. Following our opening bowlers, Upendra showed good control, line and length to extract the wicket of the first drop. The remaining opening batsman, along with the CCCCC number 4 began to accumulate runs without risk. There were little tweaks to the field and LFCC were spirited in chasing down the ball to prevent boundaries. As the innings progressed, LFCC caught all reasonable chances that were offered.

The CCCCC batsmen continued to accumulate well until drinks, where they were 146 for 2 wickets down. Things were looking a little grim for our fearless fielders. Following the drinks break, the score continued to accelerate, and the remaining CCCCC opening batsman soon reached his century after the interval. We were quite happy to see this particular batsman retire, even though his innings was one for the purists.

During the course of the innings, there was an excellent spell from Upendra, who consistently beat the bat and placed quality batsmen under pressure. Certainly, Dhawal also bowled very well, mixing up his flight and speed - as well as extracting turn from the pitch. His bowling spell was littered with unplayable deliveries, and impressive technical control that accounted for two good batsmen. This augurs well for next season, and beyond.

The CCCCC Number 4 batsman continued until when on 83, he skied Vince towards cow corner (that just missed the foliage of the boundary tree), and landed into Hugh’s safe pair of hands - a welcomed wicket indeed.

Any hope that some respite would appear, was soon dashed by a truly outstanding innings from the CCCCC number 7 batsman. After a watchful start, this chap clouted very impressive 98 not out - 34 of which were off one of the final overs. CCCCC finally completed their 35 over innings with their score at 365 for 5 wickets down.

After an innings break that involved some wonderful slices of cake (thanks Cadie), London Fields began their response. After losing an early wicket, Fernie and Tom established a solid partnership at a good rate of knots. Even though we were batting well, and at a rate over par for the season, we were still behind the required rate. Both Fernie and Tom fell in the 40s, Two very classy knocks in their own right, and full of individual signature shots we’ve become accustomed to seeing. Tom driving well, and Fernie exploiting gaps on the legside.

After a couple of quick wickets, Dharwal and Chris Rice presented the opposition with strong resistance. Both reaching their half centuries with a partnership that featured some aggressive stroke play, sharp running, and playing the percentages well. Certainly, this was an excellent all round performance from Dharwal.

Throughout our innings, LFCC were always behind the asking rate and eventually, the game petered out, as it became clear there would only ever be one result. By the time 35 overs were bowled, London Fields were marooned on 238 for 7 wickets.

To conclude, the game was played in an excellent spirit, in the late summer sun. We hope that CCCCC enjoyed their fixture at London Fields, and look forward to the possibility of future games. All in all, this was a fitting way to end the 2018 cricketing season at London Fields.

[Those of a nervous disposition may wish to avert their eyes from the bowling figures below - ed]

Cambridge To Casablanca Cycling Cricket Club Batting

365 for 5 in 35 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Vincent Croft7096196.00
2Hugh McNaughton6067167.00
3Paul Turley50540-
4Upendra Singh Gusain7133133.00
5Dhawal Sawant7056228.00
6Chris Rice20400-
7Alec McCrindle1080-

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Steve Fernbank CaughtMay48
2Alec McCrindle BowledJelly0
3Tom Hughes BowledRoberts41
4Paul Alexander CaughtDean10
5Ruby Quince CaughtRoberts0
6Chris Rice BowledJelly52
7Dhawal Sawant BowledRory D54
8Paul Turley NotOut3
9Upendra Singh Gusain NotOut1
10Hugh McNaughtonDidNotBat-
11Vincent CroftDidNotBat-
    Total 238 for 7

Cambridge To Casablanca Cycling Cricket Club Bowling

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