Friendly Match vs Canary Wharf Royal CC, Sat 14th July 2018, Millwall Park

Mud Chute

by Denzel

On a hot sunny day in the middle of the great British summer of 2018, the Fields ventured down to Millwall fields at Mudchute.

By noon it was already hot. Your scribe had gone down early to do some bowling practise and have a look at the pitch. When I got there, I realised that due to a lack of any sprinkler system in the design of the pitch (obviously a design oversight by the Tower Hamlets Town and Planning committee) the grass had turn to a shiny white which made the outfield more like glass than grass. Also the pitch was on a slope similar to that of a gradient 3:1 hill somewhere up in the dales, and in the middle of this the decision was that we would play downhill. Furthermore, as the Fields turned up with just 7, we really did have our work cut out.

Alec and the oppo worked out the fairest way to move forward and we got 2 of their players, Agent K Hole and Billy the Kid.

They chose to bat first and Lucas and Agent K opened the bowling. Lucas bowled very well indeed, was fast, accurate and got some wickets. Also when Lucas wasn’t being great at bowling, he was being great at catching. Catching balls travelling 90 mph, plucking one from the air to his left; quite an incredible catch.

They batted well, but at the same time I think it would be fair to say that they were more familiar with the conditions; a lot more than we were.

One issue with the pitch was the wicketkeeper’s area had been worn away and was very uneven - very similar to a large hole. This meant any ball hitting here would fly up and inevitable go for 4 byes. This happened quite a lot and seeing that the slope of the pitch was in that direction (downhill), this was a bit of a pain in the t1t.

Unfortunately Lucas hurt his shoulder early on. Ups and Alec came on and bowled some lovely jaffers. But with the rest of the bowling being not really suited to bowling downhill into a hole, they scored a very reasonable 267.

One thing that was true however (not that the above isn’t), was that these boys were top class. This was proved at tea, when they provided a lovely spread, catering for vegans, veggies and fat lads like myself.

The heat continued to pound down and before we knew it, it was our turn to bat.

PA and Lucas opened the batting, PA playing a couple of nice shots but Lucas was really in the ascendency, trying to fend of what was at times ferocious bowling from their top bowler Sia. The oppo’s bowling was all very good, with all of their team having a bowl and all had slight variations on a fast pace which was very nice to see.

Agent K hole was soon in and built a nice partnership with Lucas, before Lucas was caught out.

Tommy H was next in and adapted to the conditions quickly hitting some nice shots. He and Agent K also built up a nice partnership but it wasn’t enough. Unfortunately, due to the conditions and the fact that they had the extra man (and the home advantage) our run chase was about 40 short. The Fields had done their best in difficult conditions but the best team won on the day.

Credit to Alec as well as he basically played in all positions: wicketkeeper; bowler and batsman. If he could do all three at once I think he would try. Also, Alec brought a lovely cake made by his Mrs which was delicious and was gone in a matter of minutes. And Alec as captain did his upmost in what was a difficult task against very good opposition.

My last visual memory when leaving Millwall field to find the nearest pub, was the whole of the oppo team standing around in a circle chewing the fat, each with a can of Stella in hand. That I thought was a nice touch. Well done Canary Wharf Royals and well done the Fields.

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Paul Alexander BowledSai13
2Lucas Evans CaughtSai65
3Alex Turner CaughtSai8
4Agent K CaughtDhamash58
5Tom HughesJeethanBowledJeethan33
6Chris Rice RunOut10
7Deep  BowledSai14
8Dennis McDonagh NotOut15
9Upendra Singh Gusain NotOut0
10Alec McCrindleDidNotBat-
11Darrin LewisDidNotBat-
    Total 222 for 7

Canary Wharf Royal CC Bowling

No Details

Canary Wharf Royal CC Batting

No Details

London Fields Bowling

1Agent K7052152.00
2Lucas Evans5037137.00
3Deep 7138138.00
4Upendra Singh Gusain5.1041141.00
5Chris Rice4044144.00
6Alec McCrindle4020210.00
7Darrin Lewis20230-

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