League Match vs Clapton + Oval, Sat 1st September 2018, London Fields

Clapton + Oval Fall Short

London Fields (159) beat Clapton + Oval (154 all out) by 5 runs

by Upendra Singh Gusain

London Fields CC won the toss and chose to bat first. Robin Friend hit a few beautiful cover drives, as though to match the bright beautiful day itself, in his solid innings of 57. There were a few quick wickets before Robin and Vijay formed a decent partnership, matching each other shot for shot. Vijay dispatched a ball to the square leg boundary with palpable disdain; a ball that was aimed directly at his head and with that London Fields was looking set for a big score.

However disaster, for LFCC, was looming around the corner and its name was Abdul. Taking a hatrick and then also running wild through the lower order, Abdul left his mark all over LFCC’s batting card. Chris Murphy, however, fought back bravely hitting a few cracking shots before even he fell to Abdul, but not before giving LFCC the fighting chance as they ended up managing to score 159. Clapton & Oval lost their second opener in the first ball of the second over. Younis their opener, looked very solid but Phil and Upendra managed to keep him under control. Troy and Hershal bowled a very tight spell, also keeping things well under control. Wickets were falling consistently because of pressure from these tight accurate spells, Vijay taking 4 of them. Finally Clapton & Oval CC fell shot by just a few runs.

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Robin Friend LBWMitch57
2Alex Turner CaughtMitch9
3Tom Hughes CaughtMitch0
4Vijay Shah CaughtAbdul32
5Paul Teasdale BowledAbdul2
6James Gingall BowledAbdul0
7Herschel Pant BowledAbdul0
8Chris Rice Caught & BowledAbdul33
9Troy Utz BowledAbdul1
10Phil Clark LBWTahar1
11Upendra Singh Gusain NotOut0
    Total 159 all out

Clapton + Oval Bowling

No Details

Clapton + Oval Batting

154 all out in 38 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Phil Clark8135135.00
2Upendra Singh Gusain8027213.50
3Herschel Pant6.2014114.00
4Vijay Shah813047.50
5James Gingall10120.50
6Troy Utz80460-

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