Friendly Match vs Southwark Park CC, Sat 26th May 2018, Springfield Park

London Fields tied with Southwark Park CC

by Troy Utz

This will be short and sweet as there was plenty of whats app action and some very tidy scorebook work which leaves you all the opportunity to construct the day as you desire.

It was a tie. No one felt that this was inappropriate; it seemed a fair result for some good and bad play from both sides.

To give it some context:

- pitch was slow and hard to feel 'in' on. Back of a length was the preferred delivery with most waiting for the fuller ball to go after.

- outfield was quickish

- sun was out

- oppo were friendly and a fine match for our standard of 'friendly' team. Def worth a return visit to add some spice.

- they bowled well and no one really managed to get away. We were slow through the middle overs as batsmen tried to 'get in'.

- they batted with more flair up front then hunkered down after wickets fell but also the RRR was only 2ish.

And so, without further ado, here are the highs and lows from our 11, in alphabetical order:

Alec: Took a catch that was going for 6 by leaping high to pluck it from the air before landing, wobbling a little and managing to stay inside the boundary. You know the AB superman catch everyone is shooting loads over? Like that, but your load wouldn't project quite as far. He then stopped a ball on the boundary that bounced vertically as it got to him. He plucked it and wanged in a flat, straight throw to effect a run out. Essentially, our Kieron Pollard on the boundary. Katie also turned up whilst we were fielding, left a cake and rode on. It was awesome. This man has wed well.

Alex: More unique philosophies - surely a book awaits. Lusty blows up front that looked threatening. Then caught. Trolled his teammates very well. A true modern man.

Chris Rice: A negative positive was that he faced 10 dots in a row. Many wouldn't imagine he could do such a thing. But there you go, he can! It's not all swashbuckling slapping of fours and sixes. He also has a new bat that he got at an Essex game. It is very nice. Several fielders purred at sight of it. But alas, it's not yet knocked in.

Dennis: Offered to put the rubbish in the bin at the end of the game. I for one, as Match Manager, was mightily impressed. Bowled some impressive left arm mystery spin.

James: Batted 10 after declaring that he had a shockingly upset stomach. I feel weirdly blessed to say that I saw him play an ugly shot and get bowled. Anyone else ever seen that from him? Didn't think so. I'll treasure that, for now I know he is a mortal with the bat - a notion hitherto difficult to subscribe to. He kept very well, particularly to legside wides. Marshalled his troops with aplomb. Was very taken with the blossom on the local trees. Committed to doing a scorebook that 'Tyrone will be proud of.'

Keton: Hadn't played for 14 years. Batted at 3. That's a display of hefty nuts in my book. Showed his real worth in the field with some classy pick ups and a catch that was so relaxed he was almost asleep.

Khartik: scored 13 runs with a flick through mid wicket and a late cut that had this reporter shouting 'shot of the day'. Bowled at pressure times and fooled the batsmen with a yin/yang collection of wides and dot balls. An eccentric spell.

PA: Top score with a long innings of resolute defence. Reminded your faithful correspondent of a castle wall and the the often forgotten He-Man character, Ram Man. Threw himself about in the field in a manner we've all become accustomed to. Continued to say nice things and generally be a role model of citizenship and high morals.

Tom D: A tough day with the ball will make this new recruit all the better. He got the big scalp up front - an opener who was timing it as good as any I've seen at this level. He was victim though of far too many 'swipe across the line for a boundary' deliveries. To his credit he didn't moan or call the batsmen 'c$&@ts'. Clearly too young for such anger to have developed yet. Also, hasn't played with Phil enough for the osmosis to have worked. Alex was impressed with how high and piston like his arms are during the approach to the bowling delivery.

Troy: A day of mixed emotions for your bear-like writer. A sneaky Michelle followed by dropping a firmly hit but certainly catchable ball that would have won us the game by a run. As it was they got a single and then...

Vijay: ... bowled the number 11 with a text book off break to at least get us the tied result.

I came straight home after the game but many others went off to a local beer outlet and goodness knows where they all ended up.

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Alex Turner CaughtBarney17
2Chris Rice CaughtAvi4
3Ketan  BowledGraham1
4Alec McCrindle CaughtGraham27
5Paul Alexander CaughtAvi34
6Karthik  BowledAshley13
7Vijay Shah CaughtNayank34
8Troy Utz NotOut15
9Tom Damant CaughtNayank0
10James Gingall BowledBarney7
11Dennis McDonagh RunOut1
    Total 166 all out

Southwark Park CC Bowling

No Details

Southwark Park CC Batting

166 all out in 35 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Vijay Shah7.5024124.00
2Tom Damant8151225.50
3Troy Utz831853.60
4Dennis McDonagh4028128.00
5Karthik 50190-
6Alex Turner30130-

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