Friendly Match vs Hobgoblin Nomads, Sun 2nd September 2018, London Fields

London Fields lost to Hobgoblin Nomads by 6 wickets

by Ruby Quince

Fields went to bat first, facing some solid bowling from the goblins. Paul and Jason got a decent start but Jason was forced to retire early with a dicky back. Paul held the fort while the middle order fell cheaply, until skipper Vince knocked a quick 20. PA reached his 50 and took us over the 100 mark – which looked unlikely at one point – finally reaching a classy 67 and saving us from an embarrassing total.

The pitch was stodgy and sometimes unpredictable, so it wasn’t out of the question to defend 134. The oppo came out swinging but Hugh and Vince cut the openers short, including Vince breaking the middle stump. Yeah. Vince broke the stump. Ferny was ever-efficient with a great stumping and Carl’s caught & bowled was a personal highlight. But the oppo were too close to the total by the time we’d taken the sting out of the order, and they reached the total with 10 overs to spare.

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Paul Alexander BowledHarry67
2Jason Lord Retired HurtUnknown6
3Steve Fernbank LBWAnsar0
4Ruby Quince BowledAnsar2
5Tristan Jones BowledUnknown7
6Darrin Lewis CaughtMatt W0
7Paul Turley CaughtMatt W1
8Vincent Croft NotOut20
9Chris Murphy BowledHarry0
10Hugh McNaughton RunOut6
11Carl Death NotOut0
    Total 134 for 9

Hobgoblin Nomads Bowling

No Details

Hobgoblin Nomads Batting

135 for 4 in 25 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Vincent Croft4130130.00
2Chris Murphy51110-
3Hugh McNaughton4020120.00
4Carl Death7025212.50
5Paul Turley40310-
6Darrin Lewis10100-

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