Friendly Match vs Occasional Casuals, Sun 5th August 2018, London Fields

"No barbecues order of London Fire Brigade"

London Fields Lost To Occasional Casuals

by The Ferninator

"No barbecues order of London Fire Brigade" greeted us at the ground as the heatwave stretched into its third month. The Fields were straw, the strip bone dry and the mercury passed the 30 degrees marker. Skipper, Vince, was stuck in traffic, but relayed the message to bowl first if we won the toss. Fair to say those at the ground, all nicely set up in the shade of the trees, thought this was best ignored. Carl was passing round a flask of iced Pimms (fresh mint and strawberries) and all were unanimous in support of passive, non-bowling, revolt. Happily, Vince arrived soon after, won the toss and conceded that lying under shady trees beat wilting on the Savannah and we batted first.

Jason and Alex gave us a measured start against good bowling, mixing meaty boundaries with judicious leaving of the swinging ball, before both were bowled. Ferny and Paul Holden then put on 80, both timing the ball nicely, PH with a new leg side game that saw him race to 39 off only 30 balls, missing nothing off his pads. Ferny completed a 50 then sliced to cover next ball. Play was delayed while a 5-year old rode a micro bike along the lido path -the racket generated in inverse proportion to its size - while some deranged male provided encouragement. With 12 overs left, Killian and Alec stepped on the gas and boundaries flowed, Alec whipping the ball square and Killian finding the upper branches of the trees at mid wicket. There was time for Turley to lace a couple of handsome drives through the offside and we ended on an above par 259 off our 35, with OCs unflagging to the end and coping well in the heat. Everything had gone to plan.

After the break, the heat came initially from Vince and Hugh, both beating the bat regularly, Vince inducing a top edge taken with a juggle over his shoulder by Killian running full tilt back from point, and Hugh producing a ripper that took the glove and looped to Alex at slip. With the oppo on 60-4, the Fields had their noses in front, but OCs has not read the form book and their no 3, Baughen, began carving the ball to all parts. Turls and Carl - bowling in tandem for the 300th time - each bagged a wicket but by now overthrows, wides and byes were making us look a little ragged. McCrindle came on to bring us back on track and delivered with a double wicket maiden, leaving us needing just two wickets to bring it home, but Baughen had his measure in his next over, started crashing it down the ground, and the deficit came down in lumps. The Dazzler got his hands on a hard hit chance and, as Jason mentioned later, had that one stuck it would have been the perfect day, but it was not to be and despite contributions from the whole side it was Casuals who were first past the post with 2 wickets in hand and an over to spare.

We shook hands, congratulated our betters on the day, and then started lighting barbecues, torching the Fields and laying waste to everything in it ensuring nobody ever had any enjoyment there ever again. That should teach our opponents to not beat us when we should have won.

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Alex Turner BowledMcQuillin28
2Jason Lord BowledDixon18
3Steve Fernbank CaughtDixon50
4Paul Holden LBWMcIntyre39
5Killian Toomey CaughtSpencer24
6Alec McCrindle BowledSpencer37
7Darrin Lewis NotOut3
8Paul Turley NotOut12
9Vincent CroftDidNotBat-
10Hugh McNaughtonDidNotBat-
11Carl DeathDidNotBat-
    Total 259 for 6

Occasional Casuals Bowling

No Details

Occasional Casuals Batting

No Details

London Fields Bowling

1Vincent Croft6047223.50
2Hugh McNaughton7052226.00
3Paul Turley7145145.00
4Carl Death70520-
5Darrin Lewis30310-
6Alec McCrindle2018118.00
7Killian Toomey1.50120-

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