Friendly Match vs Twigworth Travellers, Sun 1st July 2018, London Fields

London Fields (123 all out) lost to Twigworth Travellers (270-8)

by Tom Damant

It was a blisteringly hot day at the fields as LFCC took on the Twigworth Travelers. The cut strip was rock hard and to the far side of the square resulting in a very short boundary on one side, coupled with a fast outfield this promised to be a high scoring match.

Unfortunately VJ lost the toss and LFCC were asked to field - not ideal on such a hot day. Upendra and Tom D opened up and it soon became apparent that batting wasn’t going to be straightforward as some balls leapt up off a length while others kept low.

Tom picked up two wicket while Upendra was unlucky not to strike but kept his economy rate impressively low. The openers were replaced by Carl and Tristan and then Chris S, Carl and Chris both picked up two wickets during their spell including a mighty impressive stumping from Steve F. However the Twigworth Travellers middle order were able to take full advantage of the short boundary and upped the scoring rate with a number of impressive strikes. VJ and Ruby came on to close out the innings and both bowled impressively picking up a wicket a piece. Twigworth finished on 270-8 after their 35 overs.

Steve F and PA opened up for fields and faced the tall opening bowler from Twigworth. His first ball almost bounced on his own toes and he ended up bowling 4 no balls in his first over after which he was removed from the attack. His replacements bowled very controlled line and lengths. Steve F was the first to go for 8 after being caught and bowled by Kelly, after this LFCC wicket fell regularly as 270 looked an increasingly unlikely target. By the time Tom and Upendra came to the wicket the game had all but gone, they managed to dispatch some loose bowling (one ball made its way into the lido) but with Tom the last to fall LFCC had only made 123.

Twigworth Travellers Batting

270 for 8 in 35 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Upendra Singh Gusain70290-
2Tom Damant7031215.50
3Carl Death7065232.50
4Tristan Jones10200-
5Chris Skinner7060230.00
6Vijay Shah3023123.00
7Ruby Quince3025125.00

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Steve Fernbank Caught & BowledKelly8
2Paul Alexander Caught & BowledKelly4
3Adam Graham CaughtKelly8
4Tom Hughes CaughtKelly2
5Vijay Shah CaughtHouse12
6Ruby Quince CaughtHarris5
7Tristan Jones LBWHouse0
8Tom Damant BowledHouse23
9Chris Skinner CaughtHouse0
10Upendra Singh Gusain CaughtHouse11
11Carl Death NotOut0
    Total 112 all out

Twigworth Travellers Bowling

No Details

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