Friendly Match vs Aberdeen University, Sun 27th May 2018, London Fields

Two Birthdays, A Few Ringers And A Loss

London Fields (135 all out) lost to Aberdeen University (153 all out)

by Paul "PA" Alexander

LFCC were very happy to welcome the touring Aberdeen University Cricket Club to London. It was an enjoyable match, and was played in a very good spirit. The sport must be in pretty good shape north of the border judging by some of the skills displayed by AUCC.

Following an overnight thunderstorm, play started at the scheduled time of 1pm on a warm and humid Sunday. The track played quite well considering that some evening showers resulted in a soft top layer of the pitch which created small craters on the surface.

AUCC won the toss and decided to bat first against our opening attack of Murphy and Croft. LFCC’s theory that the opposition players might be suffering from any combination of sleep deprivation, hangover or hallucinations, tinnitus or walk of shame blisters (from the previous evening’s exploits) were unfounded as the top order showed solid technique and good concentration in difficult batting conditions.

A bread-basket catch by Dennis off a miserly Vince at square leg brought our own Chris Rice to the wicket to join the AUCC opener Johnson, whose well compiled 57 was the backbone of the AUCC innings. Chrispy showed determination and competitiveness in his innings of 17 that would be reflected throughout the match. Rutnam at second drop hit a cameo of 17 with some searing drives before Upendra bowled him with an absolute peach. Upendra’s spell was invaluable for LFCC as he also removed the dangerous Johnson and Rice finishing with 3 for 32.

Chris Murphy bowled well in both spells, and proceeded to mop up the tail with 2 for 21 off his 8 overs. Paul Turley made a welcome return to the bowling crease and bowled a number of unplayable deliveries in finishing with 1 for 39 off 8 overs. Alex Turner also bowled with great energy to finish with 1 for 20 off 3.4 overs.

For the opposition, LFCC ringer Sadgrove had a great all round match for AUCC, and contributed a valuable 22 runs which gave the Aberdeen team of 10 players a competitive score to defend which was 153 all out in 39.2 overs.

During the innings break, we celebrated Jason and Alec’s birthday, and all were treated to some very tasty birthday cakes baked by Katie (thank you very much). This was a precursor to many beers after the match to celebrate two great club captains with a special mention to Jason as both clubs toasted a quality half century - a very illustrious and entertaining fifty not out indeed!

The LFCC top order soon showed signs of indigestion at the sight of young Rutnam marking out his run up from the Turley end. He bowled at impressive pace and certainly kept the top order on their toes. Our batsmen took up the challenge, and played Rutnam’s speed well, but found him difficult to get away as his two frugal spells ended with 1 for 17 off 8 overs. AUCC have a strong opening bowling combination and the accuracy of Hall was the perfect foil to Rutnam’s pace. Hall was very controlled, and made three damaging breakthroughs by prising out our openers Lord and Hughes, as well as removing the dangerous Louis in his one spell of 8 overs. Hall’s 3 wickets for 24 runs rocked LFCC chase and AUCC could sense an opportunity.

Alec and Dennis began to seize back the ascendancy with a solid partnership. It all seemed to be going to plan until Sadgrove announced that he would be bowling left arm leg spin around the wicket, which is something you don’t see everyday. Sadgrove quickly removed Dennis for 17 before cutting short a very promising innings of 41 from Alec where replacement fielder Tommy Hughes reluctantly took a solid catch near the long on boundary. This was a pivotal moment in the game.

Alex Turner was batting very well, and LFCC felt confident that they could reach the total with him steering the ship, however Sadgrove was weaving his magic and the AUCC skipper threw the dice and returned Rutnam to blast out the resistance. Perhaps the definitive period of the match was Sadgrove’s 4th and 5th overs which were beautifully bowled maidens. On the third delivery of the fifth over Alex, who was on 21, swept a very well hit shot straight to a very chirpy Chris Rice at square leg who held on to a ball that was really travelling. If Alex had hit it over the fielder, it was at the very least a one-bounce boundary and a possibly closer match.

Soon after, Sadgrove’s leg spinning wizardry resulted in two more wickets which resulted in him finishing with the impressive figures of 8 overs, 4 maidens, 5 wickets for 15 runs. These wickets bookended your humble correspondent’s contemplative innings of 1 run. In summary, my off-stump was Rutnammed by a rip-snorting delivery that called into question three off seasons worth of coaching of a forward defensive shot.

Vince and Turley bravely set after the target with a last wicket flourish, however the wheels had long since fallen off the innings and AUCC completed a well deserved, and comfortable victory where LFCC were 135 all out in 35.4 overs.

The game was umpired and played to a high standard where all catches were taken, and both teams displayed their skills and appreciation of how the game should be played. I thought AUCC were well skippered in the field with one man short, as well as well calculated bowling changes that neutralised any hope of a LFCC fightback.

Well done to the committee who managed to organise ringers for our visitors who were short of a few players due to exams and injuries. We hope AUCC enjoyed their tour to London, and their game with LFCC.

Aberdeen University Batting

153 all out in 39.2 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Chris Murphy8121210.50
2Vincent Croft7117117.00
3Paul Turley8039139.00
4Upendra Singh Gusain8132310.67
5Alex Turner4.2020120.00
6Paul Alexander3017117.00

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Jason Lord CaughtC Hall11
2Tom Hughes StumpedC Hall8
3Louis Childs CaughtC Hall2
4Alec McCrindle CaughtSadgrove41
5Dennis McDonagh CaughtSadgrove17
6Alex Turner CaughtSadgrove21
7Paul Alexander BowledRutnam1
8Chris Murphy BowledSadgrove0
9Upendra Singh Gusain StumpedSadgrove0
10Paul Turley CaughtWilliams10
11Vincent Croft NotOut7
    Total 135 all out

Aberdeen University Bowling

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