Friendly Match vs Strongroom CC, Sun 22nd April 2018, Victoria Park

London Fields lost to Strongroom

by Alex Turner

On Sunday 22nd April - incidentally the last day of the ridiculously unseasonable weather - we went head to head with Strongroom. The day started inauspiciously as Camel turned up with the hump, and a piece of paper in tow claiming they had also booked pitch 1 at Viccy Park. Luckily it was Sanders to the rescue with proof we had booked the pitch on this day, unfortunately someone at the council totally ballsed up poor Camel’s attempted booking. And, so off Camel traipsed, tails firmly between legs, expressions downcast at how tantalisingly close they came to playing cricket on this beauty of a day.

So, at last the captains went out to toss. This week it was total lad Tommy Hughes taking the reins, and I believe we lost, so it was off to graze in the field for the London Fielders.

Taking the shiny red cherry were the indefatigable duo of ‘big bird’ Lorie (as he is referred to in the book) and Chris Murphy. The tandem set about their task with gusto, with both bowling incredibly tight lines, forcing caution from the oppo openers. Before long, Laurie generated some appreciable bounce from the newly re-lain Viccy Park strip. Opener Vinay. adorned with a natty red helmet, attempted a hugely ambitious inside out upper-cut, sadly for him the ball took a top edge and was safely snaffled at first slip by the author, well done Loz.

The other opener negotiated Murph (5-11-0) and Lozenge’s (8-42-3) opening bursts only to be caught by El Capitano, I belive off the bowing of the skiddy first change Vidal. We continued to keep it tight, fielding and bowling well, the phrase strangulation would not be out of place, at drinks Strongroom made it to 50-2 (or 3?) off 16 overs.

Strongroom improved the rate after drinks thanks to lusty blows from their number 5 batter G.Jones. Throughout the middle overs Troy (5-3-1), Vidal (5-23-1), Rupert (6-29-0), Hugh (4-0-42) and new boy Simon (3-17-1) bowled good spells, whilst Strongroom tried their best to up the rate.

Troy bowled particularly parsimoniously, whilst new lad Simon, Hugh and Laurie bowled at the death, Laurie picking up two more poles, accompanied by some animated celebrations. Simon in his first outing for the club bowled with impressive spirit, after a gap of ten years, whilst Hugh felt the ire of Strongroom’s number 5. Strongroom closed on a very competitive 190/5 off 35.

Tea saw the arrival of some LFCC stalwarts and the first club outing for baby Graham, with Ty freshly sheared to mark the new arrival.

Opening our reply was the stupidly talented Robin Friendly and the less than elegant A.Turner. Robin played some characteristically dismissive shots to kick us off,but he surprisingly fell to a strangle down the leg side to cut him off when looking ominous.

One Turner became two, as Oli joined A Turner, batting at number three because of a dodgy spinning finger (and probably a tenner in Hughes’ back pocket). Oli despite playing some authoritative defensive shots, but got a leading edge to an innocuous delivery when attempting to turn the ball through mid wicket.

Turner and new man Hughes (30) rebuilt tackling the impressive Dixon (7-16-1) with an increasingly large number of judicious leaves, figuring the bowling would only go down hill. It certainly did, after reaching tea at an ok 62-2 off 16 the rate was thereafter increased. Hughes unfortunately went for a well made 30 in the 21st over when the score was 97.

For the remainder of the innings we were playing catch up, at one stage however we only needed a simple 6 an over off the last 6 with Troy (29) and Vidal (30) at the wicket. Both of these guys showed their power. Troy playing one of those supple wristed hockey shots he so dearly loves, straight as an arrow and LONG down the ground. Vidal played some aggressive pull shots and had the inclination to use his feet against their very-slow-but-ragging-it leggie.

Unfortunately, Vidal went with victory in sight playing a mow across the line (just as i did), Troy run out newbie Simon and our chase fizzled out. Well played everyone, so near yet so far, we finished on 174-8. Where did we lose the game? I’d have to say our several dropped catches. Oh well... at least we live up to our club logo.

Strongroom CC Batting

190 for 5 in 35 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Chris Murphy51110-
2Laurie Sayer7042314.00
3Troy Utz52313.00
4Vidal Bharath5023123.00
5Rupert Ekblom60290-
6Hugh McNaughton40420-
7Simon Messenger3017117.00

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Robin Friend CaughtDixon9
2Alex Turner BowledJon55
3Oli Turner CaughtVinay2
4Tom Hughes CaughtGower30
5Vidal Bharath BowledDon29
6Troy Utz CaughtVinay24
7Chris Murphy CaughtJon0
8Simon Messenger RunOut2
9Laurie Sayer CaughtJon7
10Hugh McNaughton NotOut1
11Rupert Ekblom RunOut3
    Total 178 all out

Strongroom CC Bowling

No Details

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