Friendly Match vs Hobgoblin Nomads, Sat 13th May 2017, Hilly Fields Park

"Play forward lads, it's low and slow"

by (not that) Alex Turner

Saturday's friendly players were not too enamoured by the thought of travelling south of the river to play Hobgoblin Nomads - this reticence was understandable given the fact the oppo were 3 short, make that 4 by the time of our arrival. This correspondent along with Mr Yates and Mr Lord arrived on the stroke of 1pm (scheduled play) after some interminable traffic. We were soon to learn the oppo had only 7 players, leading to much head scratching and some hair-brained 'player swap algorithms' being devised. We eventually decided to gracefully loan a player, with PA generously stepping in - or did he just fancy smashing our bowlers? The Nomads side was to be supplemented by two tardy late arrivers at 3pm, and with that we invited them to bat and set to work on a dusty-dry yet grassy wicket.

Opening up were the redoubtable duo of Simon Yates and Abinhav, both needless to say bowled beautifully, putting the Nomads under some serious strife and run scoring strangulation. Running rhythmically down the hill (lucky him) Simon bowled absolutely superbly, sending back two of their top three barely troubling the scorers. Abinhav bowled fearsomely belying his poorly back, the lad generated some bounce rapping the gloves and generally putting the fear of god into those who faced him, bowling, get this, 4-3-1-0! Simon finished 7-2-17-3. Coming on first change was this correspondent, wearing no spikes on a damp outfield and running up the hill, he proceeded to bowl some absolute tripe, some liquorice allsorts and a few peaches taking 5-0-17-2! Notable mentions to Rupert who also took two wickets, including that of PA in a fierce battle which saw the bearded affable kiwi smite a mighty straight six and what can only be described as a cross court double handed forehand four over cover. Chuckles and smiles were had until Rupert had the last laugh as PA's risky low handed defence strategy resulted in his undoing via a gloved catch to el capitano VJ at second slip. Their innings was ended on a slightly below par 146 when your correspondent ran out their number 9, on 46, and also number 2 (he batted twice, it's complicated, we were being nice) after an ill-advised single was cut short by this writers big toed punt.

After a convivial tea provided by the benevolent oppo, replete with homemade brownies, olives cocktail sausages and other such princely delights, we proceeded about our task with 'KP' Kapila and wickie Fearny opening up. Both played a few classy shots, Fearny departing for 11 bowled by their leggie going for an ambitious pull to a ball keeping low. Kapilla left the crease for 3 to, surprise surprise, another ball that went low this time against their nippy opening seam bowler. At which point in the middle were (Jason) our Lord and saviour and Captain VJ, this correspondent returned to the side-lines from an umpiring stint to put his 'mums and dads on', proceeding to tell the lads get forwards. Jason could only manage to give their leggie a return catch, a fine catch which he looked desperate to drop. In came Rahul and in his typical manner wanted to assert his undeniable dominance. He was dropped on about 10 by – you guessed it – our hirsute trojan kiwi horse, cheers Paul. Rahul went on to announce himself with beautiful supple wrists, getting away drives and leg flicks, with insouciant ease. The Captain all the while was immovable and in no mood for funny business, putting away the bad balls with timing and class.

Unfortunately nearing his 50, Rahul with a rush of blood attempted to take on their rotund off spiner, only, alas, to be caught in the deep. A wobble was wobbled as Abihnav, as is his way was intent on brutalising the bowling from the off, only to play back to a low one, really? A. Turner came to the crease and fell to a yep you guessed it a half tracker that didn't bounce from their seamer, do as I say not as I do…

The wobble was averted by strong hitting from Taz and maturity from the skipper, we chased the total 6 down with a few overs to spare. Talk about making hard work for yourselves.

After the match - played in fine spirit, I must add - hands were shaken and tankards of beers swallowed, a good cricket and beer game displayed by all.

Hobgoblin Nomads Batting

146 all out in 34.2 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Abhinav Vasu4310-
2Simon Yates621735.67
3Alex Turner4.201728.50
4Rupert Ekblom7233216.50
5Dave Miller60290-
6Rahul Kapoor21515.00
7Vijay Shah30170-
8Kapila Perera2090-

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Steve Fernbank BowledNiz11
2Kapila Perera LBWHarry3
3Jason Lord Caught & BowledNiz0
4Vijay Shah NotOut54
5Rahul Kapoor CaughtCurms47
6Alex Turner BowledWakefield1
7Abhinav Vasu LBWCurms5
8Dave Miller NotOut5
9Rupert EkblomDidNotBat-
10Simon YatesDidNotBat-
    Total 145 for 6

Hobgoblin Nomads Bowling

No Details

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