Friendly Match vs Village CC, Sun 20th August 2017, Parliament Hill

London Fields lost to Village CC

by Kapila Perera

In the genteel surroundings of Regents Park we played Village CC. We lost the toss and fielded on a seemingly uncut wicket. All the bowlers bowled well in patches, but we were never able to get on top of the opposition for a sustained period. We dropped a few catches and weren’t as tight as we could have been in the field. In the end we allowed Village to amass 232 from their 35 overs. Probably a few too many given the wicket and outfield. Wickets were shared by Skinner, Oli T and Sami.

We weren’t too much better with our batting, by starting slowly and losing wickets. Alex Turner tried his best to get things going, by carving the ball around, and Ferny stroked the ball around, hitting a lot of 2s that would have gone for 4 had the outfield been cut.

Our middle/lower order in the form of Sami, Chris M and Chris S found a more productive way of bypassing the long grass and took the aerial route. With a flurry of sweetly timed 4 and 6s that made our score look much more respectable, and inflicted some ball-chasing for the opposition. We finished on 181, 49 runs short.

Village CC Batting

232 for 5 in 35 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Chris Murphy70270-
2Hugh McNaughton40190-
3Rupert Ekblom60350-
4Chris Skinner3024124.00
5Oli Turner6044222.00
6Sami Moosa7033216.50
7Andrew Rhodes20280-

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Alex Turner LBWPitcher33
2Andrew Rhodes CaughtPitcher2
3Kapila Perera RunOut8
4Steve Fernbank CaughtBosh23
5Paul Holden LBWSam5
6Sami Moosa CaughtCressey33
7Chris Murphy BowledDean22
8Hugh McNaughton BowledBosh0
9Oli Turner BowledBosh5
10Chris Skinner NotOut32
11Rupert Ekblom NotOut0
    Total 181 for 9

Village CC Bowling

No Details

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