Friendly Match vs The Camel CC, Sun 30th April 2017, London Fields


by Arthur Smart

As the Steely Dan-loving Bee Gee stunt double held cheerful court amongst shandies and sausages for his 40th birthday picnic, the cricket kicked off an hour behind schedule.

Allegedly as a consequence of a clerical error (much to the annoyance of both Lord and Sanders) the majority of the Camel CC rolled up almost an hour late. All was put right by the ever diplomatic Lord, who with feverish iPhone fingering identified clear evidence of the wrong doing and sentenced us all to a slightly reduced 35 over game.

After that slow start, this clearly was a Fields side which lacked the usual zip - a little less spunky than usual: producing a bits and bobs kind of performance that, unlike Troy's party. never really got going.

But it wasn't all bad, buried in the defeat were enough glinting jewels to save the rag tag Fielders from an entirely miserable Sunday. Indeed there were some lovely moments and the usual bonhomie from the sidelines.

The first nugget was an elegant fifty for the habitually classy Kapila. It saw Fields get away to a decent start where he stylishly caressed, stroked and occasionally power-daggered the tidy opening bowlers. An innings of genuine quality amongst some more forgettable efforts that spluttered following.

With Fernbank, Lord and a very rusty Smart adding some meat and pump to the middle orderm the Fields ended on a modest and below par 198 from their allotted 35. In retrospect probably about thirty short of a total for the competitive Camel to get after.

The Camel innings began with a good partnership between a strongly built left hander, all buttocks and bottom hand, and a will-o-the-wisp partner with patience and good footwork. They started carefully without looking troubled - tickling along without a chance offered. In fact it should go on record that not a single chance was offered by Camel all innings - a chanceless innings or just one of those days?

The second of our jewel like morsels, was Vincent Croft's bowling. Benefiting from a shorter and smoother run up, Vince bowled with good pace, his heavier balls hitting the pitch hard and carrying well to the tidy Fernbank behind the stumps. Both Vince's robust work and the efforts of a smooth Laurie from the other end went without just reward.

Eventually after some excellent cricket shots from the Camel openers, Alex took the wicket with his additional grunt ball surprising all who experienced it by doing for the big left hander and his humps. A solid knock.

Sensing his opportunity and the need to energise the flagging Fields, captain Lord brought the field in for the new man - but his defence was solid and the efforts of the change bowlers and close fielders were in vain as the game dribbled away in Camel's favour.

Even shoelace-based sledges and shouts of 'one brings eight' were lost in the early May wind as the scoreboard rattled to the rhythm of its tinny countdown.

Although a disappointing day for London Fields, many congratulations to the Camel opener for his well deserved hundred and to the Camel in general for a sporting game, which although starting late, was played in good spirits.

And as the sun set, the players joined the throng of the ongoing Troystock to enjoy listening to Tyrone being Tyrone and eating pork pie sandwiches.

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Jeremy Whipp BowledBryn0
2Kapila Perera BowledGraham54
3Steve Fernbank CaughtRichard8
4Taimoor Malik LBWRichard14
5Arthur Smart CaughtDavid49
6Jason Lord LBWBill16
7Oli Turner RunOut7
8Chris Rice CaughtAlex15
9Alex Turner CaughtAlex7
10Vincent Croft BowledBryn1
11Laurie Sayer NotOut6
    Total 193 all out

The Camel CC Bowling

No Details

The Camel CC Batting

194 for 1 in 28.1 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Laurie Sayer71310-
2Vincent Croft71300-
3Oli Turner30250-
4Chris Rice30240-
5Arthur Smart30260-
6Alex Turner3022122.00
7Jeremy Whipp20220-
8Taimoor Malik0.1040-

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