Friendly Match vs Strongroom CC, Sun 23rd April 2017, London Fields

Big Bones, Birds and Pies

London Fields lost to Strongroom by 86 runs

by Ty Graham

There were discussions about the relative strengths of each team between the captains prior to the toss, the outcome of which led to the toss being forfeited by our club skipper Alec. Strongroom were going to bat.

New ball specialists Big Boned Phil Clark and Birdlike Ben Sanders were soon-a rum-ba-lin' and-a skippin' into the wicket. Big Boned Phil beat the bat innumerable times (as per usual) with little success, but all the while building scoreboard pressure.

Birdlike Ben did his thing from the other end where the batsmen chose to leave most of his delicious out-swingers and hit the odd 4 in between. It wasn’t long though before Ben struck. Boom! 1, 2, 3. Birdman had three wickets in the space of about 6 deliveries - next over though, he was taken out of the attack - we were there to play a game of cricket, not to see Ben shoot fish in barrel! To be honest, I don't mind see fish slaughtered in that gentlemanly, self-effacing manner way only Ben can. This is Sunday ‘friendly’ cricket though - so Ben's size 6 shoe was taken off the opposition’s collective jugulars and he was pulled from the attack.

Chris Murphy (could he be a challenger to PA for this year’s LFCC Nice Man honours?) came on to replace Big-Bones and I came on for Birdman. Strongroom lost another wicket to make it 4/37 (or 37/4 [wow, not even edited by ed – ed]) but their pesky, tight trousered, man-bunned opener looked relatively unflustered by all the goings on. He was savage on the loose deliveries and watchful on the good stuff – something I’m sure we’ve all heard time and time again; punish the bad balls and defend the good ones. Watching him execute this basic tactic was quite impressive. The guy at the other end somehow managed to survive all that Murph and I could throw at him, with tight trousers scoring all the runs, Strongroom started to dig themselves out of a hole.

Rupert and Vince were given a go - Rupe bowled well without much luck, to be honest though, there wasn’t much spin on offer. Vince bowled well too – but took some tap. He did, however, manage to break the 64 run partnership not long after the drinks break by removing their stoic number 6 with a peach! Yet, their opener remained and continued to score at a fair old gallop.

It wasn’t long before my old Cousin Vinnie struck again, with another peach! Somehow, between the slogged 6’s and 4’s, Cousin Vinnie managed a yorker of the highest quality to dismiss their gun bat on 98! Oh, what joy - and sorrow - in equal measure. Cricket - what a game.

Alec gave himself a crack, he bowled with good pace, but with even better humour. Clark came on again and did some tail mopping – a weird no-walk then walk incident where our good humoured skipper re-called our appeal the first time around and then the batsman walked off on the second one. Either way, both deliveries deserved a wicket and it’s a shame ol’ Big Bones didn’t get 2 sticks in the book for the same batsman. ‘Cricket was the winner’ seems an apt way to sum it all up.

The Strongroom innings finished on 216 in the 39th over with Vice Skipper Jimmy Gingell wrapping things up with the last 2 wickets - bowling at the stumps, who’d a thought that could work…

216. Game on.

Or so we thought…

Jimmy Ginger and Paul Teas opened the batting in watchful mode. Strongroom bowled tight lines and didn’t give up those freebies that we did so willingly during their innings - which bit of friendly did these guys not get?

Our boys were not scoring and the pressure started to build. The writing was on the wall. It wasn’t long before a pie arrived in all its delicious gravy goodness. Now, Jimmy Gee, I think, likes a pie - he’d been starved for 9 whole overs up to that point. He launched himself at it like some really, really hungry thing (insert clever/funny simile). His great hunger clouded his vision and execution. He tamely pulled it to midwicket and was caught. Shame.

From then on it was a procession. No one scored more than 20 aside, from the mightily Big Boned Phil. Vince also offered up some resistance by crafting a soporific 10 runs off 48 deliveries. Finally succumbing to a crafty run out when Big Bones called him back for a 2nd, which clearly wasn’t on. Phil’s 24* was a highlight in an otherwise dour innings; leg glances, square cuts, a lofted on-drive… Oh boy. He’s got the lot.

Best innings of the day though belonged to Rupert. Batting with Vince, he faced 12 consecutive dot balls, whacked a 6 on the 13th and then got bowled by the ball immediately after. Perfect.

Needless to say, when your number 11 top scores on 24, something has gone wrong with the batting. We lost by a rather uncomfortable 86 runs. The spirit was good throughout the day though and some jokes and good fun was had – which is really what it’s all about... Special mention must go to LFCC legend JasonLord who came along and umpired from one end for the entire match! Thanks Jazz.

Strongroom CC Batting

216 all out in 39 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Phil Clark821929.50
2Ben Sanders401836.00
3Ty Graham6038138.00
4Chris Murphy40220-
5Rupert Ekblom50270-
6Vincent Croft5047223.50
7Alec McCrindle30200-
8James Gingall2.50924.50
9Mark Holden1080-

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1James Gingall CaughtGrant15
2Paul Teasdale CaughtGrant13
3Paul Holden CaughtGrant2
4Ben Sanders BowledGrant2
5Alec McCrindle CaughtJosh17
6Mark Holden BowledRiaz3
7Chris Murphy BowledJosh4
8Rupert Ekblom BowledDave8
9Vincent Croft RunOut10
10Ty Graham LBWJohn Gower0
11Phil Clark NotOut24
    Total 131 all out

Strongroom CC Bowling

No Details

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